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Whitaker JW, Chen Z, Wang W. Predicting the Human Epigenome from DNA Motifs. Nature methods. Online September 21st.

Xie W, Schultz MD*, Lister R*, Hou Z*, Rajagopal N*, Ray P*, Whitaker JW*, Tian S*, Hawkins RD*, Leung D*, Yang H, Wang T, Lee, AY, Swanson SA, Zhang J, Zhu Y, Kim A, Nery J, Urich MA, Kuan S, Yen C, Klugman S, Yu P, Suknuntha K, Propson NE, Chen H, Edsall LE, Wagner U, Li Y, Ye Z, Kulkarni A, Xuan Z, Chung W, Chi NC, Antosiewicz-Bourget J, Slukvin I, Stewart R, Zhang MQ#, Wang W#, Thomson JA#, Ecker JR#, Ren B# (2013) Epigenomic Analysis of Multi-lineage Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells. Cell. 153: 1134–1148 Abstract

(* These authors contributed equally; # corresponding authors; stated in the acknowledgements)